Bucket List

In no particular order, I present to you:


1 Snorkling/diving the Great Barrier Reef, Australia    – November 8, 2012

2 Go hot-air balooning in Africa

3 Swim with whales

4 Get FortheLoveofCoffee on FreshlyPressed

5 Chase a tornado

6 Spend New Years Eve in New York and/or London

7 Dress up for a movie premiere

8 Own a house in Key West

9 Visit every country in Europe

10 Experience zero gravity

11 Go to an airport and take the first available flight

12 Visit all seven continents

13 Write a book

14 Own my own cafè/coffeshop

15 Have a star named after me

16 Stargazing from the Atacama desert in Chile

17 Take a cruise down the Nile

18 Attend a masquerade

19 Write for a tv-show

20 Participate in a Sea Shepherd campaign

21 Live somewhere in New England for a year

22 Have one (or more) of my photos featured in a magazine

23 Learn to play poker

24 Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand

25 Throw a dart on a map on go wherever it lands

26 Take a wine tour

27 Spend a night in a haunted house

28 Watch the penguin parade on Phillip Island, Australia – November 27, 2012

29 Search Tibet for Shangri-La at the bottom of Karakal (known from the book “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton. Not technically a real place, but that’s not gonna stop me from looking for it ;))

30 To see my very own photographs displayed in a gallery

31 Sing in front of an audience

32 Go to Burning Man

33 Fall in love

34 Save a life

35 Go sailing in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia – November 15, 2012

36 Get published as an author

37 Volunteer in the Galapagos

38 Have a New Years Kiss

39 Write a screenplay

40 Make a list of 100 books I want to read, and then actually read them all

41 Go to see a movie outdoors

42 Study Photography

43 Learn to surf

44 Try living as a vegetarian for a month

45 Live in Costa Rica

46 Dance on a stage

47 See every movie on the IMDB top 250 list

48 Visit Machu Picchu

49 Take a trip to Paris with my sisters

50 See every movie on AFI’s 100 years-100 movies best movies list

51 Save a species from extinction

52 Road trip through the USA (Route 66)

53 Play a small role in a movie or on a tv show

54 Go to Comic Con

55 Dance in the rain in the middle of the night

56 Do something that will make me think “This is EPIC”  (suggestions ?)

57 Swim with WILD dolphins

58 Go inside a pyramid

59 See the northern lights

60 Walk to the top of the tower of Pisa

61 Touch an iceberg

62 Sleep under the stars

63 go skinny-dipping

64 Visit all the big cities of Norway

65 Dance with a stranger in a strange country

66 Steel a street sign

67 Take a midnight stroll on the beach

68 Visit China

69 Visit the Carolinas / deep south

70 Kiss in the rain

71 Start my own company

72 Play a computer game for more than six hours straight

73 Ride a gondola in Venezia

74 Get a tattoo

75 knit a sock

76 Record a song

77 Own a house

78 Learn how to ride a horse

79 Do an Instagram 365 photo challenge – Started January 1st, 2014


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