A Little About Me

My name is Jenny Mathilde, and I am 26th summers old.
I was born and raised on the island of Bømlo, on the west coast of Norway. I currently live in Stavanger, where I work as a travel consultant.

I write about pretty much whatever jumps into my mind, and my interests are teasingly diverse.
You can find yourself reading about anything from travelling, baton twirling practice, anti-whaling and photography, to pretty dresses and random ramblings about my love of coffee.

Thank you for visiting by my blog 😀



§ 4 Responses to A Little About Me

  • bobee8 says:

    I saw some amazing photos of Bomlo in Wikipedia! I love the sea and the wind which is always there. But I have never been to Norway. (I’m a young German girl who has also many, many plans for her future…)
    It would be great if you would fight against whaling and for animal rights!!! (I live veggie because I think it’s not fair how many animals have to live.)
    Where is the difference between nynorsk and bokmal Norsk?!?
    I love coffee, too!!! 🙂

    • 😀 Bømlo is amazing. You should definately visit some time, but remember to bring an umbrella 😉 I have some nice shots from back home that I was planning to post, so come back in a day or two and they should be online.
      Its important to have plans and dreams, and fighting against whaling is definately one of my biggest future goals 🙂

      The difference between nynorsk and bokmål is that bokmål is based on languages such as danish and swedish (norway has belonged to both of those nations in the past), while nynorsk is based mainly on regional Norwegian dialects. Where I come from the dialect spoken resembles nynorsk, but I usually write bokmål. When I started school most text books where in bokmål, but now its pretty much 50/50.

  • bobee8 says:

    How is life in Norway if there isn’t any sunshine?!? At school, we learned that those times are very hard for many people.

    • Well, we do have sunshine, though this summer has been mostly rainy and gray.
      In school you probably talked about the far north of Norway, that is where they go months without seeing the sun.
      I live pretty far south, so I do get to see the sun on a regular basis 🙂 just not as much as I would like to 😉 It would probably do me good to move further south in the world in the winter months 😉

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