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(noun) A strong desire or urge to explore and discover the world

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For as long as I can remember, all my dreams have been focused on one desire, to be somewhere else.
When I was younger, I found an escape in the books I read, and the films I saw. When I got older the urge felt even greater. I knew that I would never be quite happy until I had settled this insane urge inside me, to travel to distant places.
I longed for my very own adventures, like the ones in the books and the films, and the ones I imagined every night in my head before I fell asleep.
Seeing photos from far-off places made my heart beat faster, my stomack churned in longing, I had this great fear that I might never get to go there, to see it for myself.

I realize that I can’t possibly see all that I want to see, or go all the places I want to go, but no one is going to stop me from trying.

My best friend calls me a free spirit.
She has known me for a long time, so I suppose if anyone would know, it would be her. She knows how restless I get, when every day life becomes a little too slow, all I want to do is to run away. An A4 life doesn’t really fit me well, I get lazy, and I find myself settling, which then in turn makes me panick ever so slightly. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m standing still, because I know that there are so many places I need to go.  When the world starts feeling to small I get claustrophobic.
I need to have a destination, and when I reach it I need to already have another one lined up, got to keep moving.

I think my father secretly hoped that when I found a job I like that I would then feel more settled, and be ready for something even more settling. I think he’s scared that his 25 year old daughter might not settle enough to find herself a boyfriend. This doesn’t worry me half as much as it does everyone in my family, because I have things that I want to do and places to see. If you can’t be selfish in your twenties, when can you ?
If there is a guy out there for me who wants to travel with me and understands we won’t be building our own house and start a family any time soon, I would love to meet him. Until then, I am fine on my own. Not all those who wander are lost, and being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

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I am happy that wanderlust has found me, and that I am brave enough to follow all those travelling dreams of mine ❤



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