One Year Later – Thoughts on July 22, 2011

July 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

It has been exactly one year today. One year since I left the office in Stavanger right after the bomb went off in Oslo, and one year since 77 people were killed by a man whose name I will never waste my time writing down.
Time moves so quickly, and this year has been so much for so many of us, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the things that have happened, and what has been lost.

One year ago, when we first heard of the bomb that had gone off in Oslo, this bad feeling came sneeking up on me. I kept thinking “this is just sick. This can not be happening. This is just too crazy”. When the news broke of the shootings at Utøya, I realized just how bad this day had become. I was scared.

In many ways we are broken. We never saw this coming, therefore we were not prepared.
Still, I feel as safe here as I ever have, maybe even more so than before July 22. As a people, we have chosen to stand up and be proud and strong, and we have been honest with ourselves. I am proud to say that this country is still very much the country I have always known, a safe place, a loving place.

Norway is still Norway, though certain things have changed for forever, we are still very much the same. It is what we have chosen for ourselves.
We have refused to let anyone change all that we have, and all that we are. We needed so badly to stay true to who we have always been, and thus the actions of one single man one year ago, has not accomplished anything he might have been hoping to.

The roses became a symbol of all those things we were feeling. Hurt, bruised, and broken. Loss.
And the most important thing of all, love.
I have never experienced so much love before. There was no room for hate, because we were to busy taking care of one another. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else matters.
Today is a day for afterthought, and for remembering those whose lives were changed for forever one year ago. The ones who survived, the ones who didn’t, the heroes, and the ones left behind. In all this tragedy, I am proud of the way we have found our way through this year together. I am proud of this country, and the people I get to call my own.


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