Oh no, sorry but I can’t on Thursday. You see, I’m going to Banjul that day…

March 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

…”Banjul ? Where is that ?”
Banjul is in Gambia, Africa, and that is about all I know. Oh, except one more thing, I know I am going there. On Thursday March 15.

This job that I have might not be the best paid, and it might not be the job that I was made for, but it is by far the best one I have ever had.
The people I work with are amazing, they make going to work more than just “going to work”, two days are never the same.
I get to help people find their way around the world, and if they find themselves in trouble I’m the one they call.
In this job, it is important to know the world. It is important to know the prodicts we sell, and it is important to know how things work out there in “the real world” and not just in theory here at my desk. Therefore, we have educational trips. A few times a year we get to actually travel and see for ourselves what we sell to our customers.
Banjul, Gambia will be my first long-distance educational trip. We are only there for a few days, but I can’t wait.
Two months ago I had no idea that I’de be on my way to Africa next week, how amazing is that ? 
Though it would be interesting to see all sides of this country, I am a little glad that what we are going there to see is the vacation destinations. I get to stay in two incredible luxury hotels, one with its own spa. The hotels are right at the beach, and there are swimming pools and the temperature is 29 degrees celcius (in Stavanger today it is 5 degrees celcius).
I am definately bringing my camera, and I can’t wait to share my little educational trip with you 🙂
Stay tuned.

x JennyMathilde


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§ 3 Responses to Oh no, sorry but I can’t on Thursday. You see, I’m going to Banjul that day…

  • Kathryn says:

    I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time. I work for The Gambia Experience in the UK and I’ve been many times and love it. I’ve lots of posts on my blog about Gambian music, cuisine, schools, hotels etc so if you want to know more read on… http://travelwithkat.com/category/africa-2/the-gambia/

    Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about it. Have a fantastic time.

    • Hello Kathryn.
      Thank you for your comment.
      I just got back from my trip to Gambia, and I had an amazing time. Partly because of the “wake up with the birds” excursion made possible by The Gambia Experience 🙂
      I am hoping to have edited my photos in a couple of days to post to the blog.


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