2011 Phone Images

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Chillin' in my HUGE room at the Altantic Kempinski Hotel, Hamburg

Finding glittery inspirations for future twirling competitions

Getting on a plane to Aberdeen, Stavanger Airport Sola

Sunday treat at Starbucks, Aberdeen (we don't have Starbucks in Norway...)

Birthday Lunch, Tananger

My sister Aina who consumed the birthday lunch with me ❤

My sister Aina with a man of the law on my birthday, in Stavanger

My birthday cake (that I shared with all my awesome colleagues)

Birthday roses from a kind old uncle 🙂

A rainy November day in Stavanger

Sugar to keep me going

First sunday of Advent

First sunday of Advent

The funniest thing I saw all year (and NO, I did NOT buy this)

My car meets the first snow of winter

-03.4 celcius in my car, welcome winter

Vågen in Stavanger getting ready for christmas

Domkirken in Stavanger at night

The annual "tree of hearts" in Stavanger

Train station in Stavanger, waiting for my sister to arrive

My frozen car window

My sister Mette Susann ready to defrost my car

Mette Susann with byfjordbrua in the background, Stavanger

Snow in Stavanger (if only it had lasted just a little longer)

The graveyard on New Years Eve, Mosterhamn


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