Happy New Year

January 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

We have now been living up life in 2012 for almost 4 days, and so far so good.
I hope you had a wonderful christmas with friends and family and crazy amounts of food and sparkly dresses (if you’re a woman. Or a man…I don’t judge ;)), and all the warmth you could handle.
Since its a new year and all, and I have a tendency to be a little too reflective and nostalgic at times, I thought I’d share just a few little thoughts. After all, a new year is a new beginning. And last year was a new beginning too at one point 😉

If there is one thing I have learned from 2011 it is that once you change one thing in your life, the pieces of the puzzle will all of a sudden rearrange themselves, and the complete image will seem either very clear or completely lost. Luckily, the changes I made have lead me to finally start seeing what my life might become. I can finally say that my future doesn’t scare me as much anymore.

Late 2011 I set in motion a dream I’ve had for a while, to come true later this year. And who knows, maybe this will throw me into a whirlwind of other dreams coming true ? I am also expecting some new dreams to surface.
I just need to remind myself that all my dreams can come true, as long as I am patient. I am not a very patient person.
So for this year, along with my list of new years resolutions (which I will not share unless I can actually make them happen;)), I will try to be more patient. Not everything has to happen this instant (though it would be very nice if it did).

So, here is a toast, to dreams, and a very happy new year ❤  


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