A Change of Moods

November 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Since its almost winter now, and Christmas is closing in (I still haven’t bought a single present or listened to a single christmas song or had any christmas-soda….I’m seriously thinking of pulling a grinch this year ), and my O-M-G-I-Can-Not-Believe-How-Time-Flies 25th Birthday is almost here, I am experiencing some mood changes.
Winter has never agreed with my mood (or my mood has never agreed with winter..) 😉 So, I’m making my blog a bit darker to go with my mood, and I might decorate with some christmas decorations at some point (MIGHT being the key word here, it means probably not, but I thought about it).

I thought of posting every day from now until my birthday, as sort of a countdown, but I haven’t decided yet because its a little depressing 😉 I know 25 isn’t old, and I don’t feel old either. But I have an overwhelming sense that I should be somewhere else and doing something very different. But then again, don’t we all do that from time to time ? 🙂


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