Back to the Basics

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night marked the first sleepless night in what I am sure to be a number of sleepless nights until the weekend of October 21-23 is over.
The first nerves marked their arrival, it is competition season once again.
From Tasta Drill, there is only me and Elise competing at this year’s Haugalands Drilliade. We are competing with our “Gonna Get Over You” Duet. The plan is to keep it as it is, with only a few changes as per the judges suggestions from the competition in June.
The thought of being back on the floor is always scary, and every so often I wonder if I’m getting too old for it. In the end though, its just way too much fun to give up.

Me and Elise at Ganddals Drilliaden - June 2010

The main reason for the nerves and the no sleep though, is that I have started as an instructor for three girls at Hafrsfjord Drill, in addition to the girls at Tasta. The three are all competing at Haugalands Drilliaden, and only one of them has a routine. The other two, we have  to start from scratch.
Its fun, but concidering that there is only a little over a month until competition, its also gonna be quite the crazy ride.
Will be spending the weekend trying to get the routines close to done, so that we can start working throught the basics and hopefully be ready to go by competition day (days, actually, The competition lasts two days 😉 )

The Tasta Drill senior group has adopted Cecilie as our newest member. She too used to twirl at Bremnes Drill (where me and Elise belonged back in the day). We have started a routine that we are planning to compete with early next year. We have chosen something fun and a little crazy for our routine music, will share what it is at a later point.
I have also been informed that our biggest rivals from this year’s Dalane Drilliaden will be competing with us again at next year’s Dalane Drilliade, and I can’t wait to beat them again 😉 (hopefully ;))

Anywho, its back to the basics for me this week. Senior practice tonight, Tasta AND Hafrsfjord tomorrow, and this weekend, two brand new solo’s for two very different girls.

Excited (and a little bit scared to death ;))

x JennyMathilde


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