A Place of Water, Mountains, and a Little Bit of Magic – Årdal, Norway (2011)

September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

My grandfather grew up in a place hidden under mountains.
To reach it would take a day’s walk up unpaved paths of numerous mountains, or by boat down a lonely lake.
If you reach the bottom of the lake, you will reach a small farm. It is the only year-round residence you will find down the lake.

About halfway to the bottom, you will find a brown house on your left side. That is where my grandfather and his siblings grew up.
To get to school they had to cross the lake by boat, and then climb up a mountain, to get to the school on the other side. If the lake was frozen, they would cross the lake on foot, holding the boat, just in case the ice gave in.
And to think that I complained when I had to ride my bike to school on rainy days…

The past weekend most of my family and relatives travelled to Årdal, located in Ryfylket of Rogaland, to spend the weekend in my grandfather’s childhood home by the lake. And, to join him for a walk to the top of the mountain where most of the summers of his childhood were spent.

The childhood home:

Heading up the mountain, destination “Rage”:

"The Last Rest"

Aina documents that she made it to the top

Tobias enjoys the view from the top

Mette Susann and Tobias

Me and Tobias

My AWESOME grandfather made it to the top

Did I mention that my grandfather is 84 (!) years old ? He just made up his mind. There was NO way he wasn’t getting to the top.

My Granfather enjoys the view (that has remained pretty much unchanged since he was a child)

Me and my hiking buddies 😉


After we got back down from the  mountain some of us just stripped down to our underwear and took a quick swim in the lake. It was absolutely FREEZING, but afterwards I just felt total happiness.

I went on a trip to Årdal  last year too, but we never got to climb the mountain because of the insane rain we had. I did however manage to get some great photos during the few little minutes the rain took a break. I’ll see if I can share them with you in the not too distant future.


x JennyMathilde


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