What Happened to the Cake ?

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Back in June I wrote a post about the travel business and how every celebration (big or small) is celebrated with cake (It’s All About Cake).
This has been quite the curse, but a fabulous curse,a curse that I am very willing to live with for the remainder of my life 😉
The post has been mentioned among my colleagues, who found the post funny and very accurate in my rendition of the cake’s role in the travel business.
I have made sure to say to them that though having that much cake is not helping me in the healthy lifestyle I occationally try to live, but I am willing to make that sacrifice for cake.
However, yesterday, something happened. And I am still trying to wrap my head around it. I am hoping that it wasn’t something that I said…


Yesterday, the travel acency that I work for moved in to brand new offices. Everything is new. Desks, computer screens, keyboards,cupboards. It’s nice. I like it 🙂
When I arrived I was greeted with a glass of champagne (non-alcoholic, of course). Throughout the day various fruit platters were presented to us in the kitchen area. Nice fruit, too (and berries). Strawberry, apples, some weird-looking yellow fruit, and amazing big raspberries.
I want to start out saying that I am not ungreatful, and I did appreciate fresh fruit and berries. However, as I walked out from the new offices after work yesterday, I was puzzled.
What happened to the cake ?
It was a celebration, a new start. The mood was light, everyone was happy. This would have been cause for cake in the past. A very big cake. Maybe marzipan (the soft, fresh kind), or something big and chocolately with a thick layer of fugde-like topping.
But, no cake.


So, I am going to end this post with the question looming over me. And hope that by the next time we celebrate something, the question need not be asked again.

What happened to the cake ?


x JennyMathilde


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