Movie Time – Lake Mungo

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, this has turned in to quite the movie watching weekend for me.
Started my day off watching the Australian documentary style “scary movie”, Lake Mungo

The movie is about a family who loses their daughter Alice in a drowning accident. After Alice’s death, it appears that Alice is not quite ready to leave just yet. Alice had secrets, and she is ready to tell.

I wont say much more than just that. I thought this movie was fairly good. It is filmed as a documentary, and if you are looking for the typical scary movie with surprising heart in the throat scares, you wont find it in this movie.
It is a more subtle type of slight goosebumps on the arms type of movie. But to me it was actually a plus. For once, a scary movie that has a story. It could be true, even.

A decent movie to watch if you are hungry for a real storyline, that might leave you with some ideas and thoughts about what comes after death.

There are talks of one of those American remakes, but so far there are no detaisl to be found. LAst thing I read was that the people who made the Orphan are goin to make it, but just ignore that one. American movie makers should try toying with the idea of original thought before they go ripping off perfectly well made stories.

x JennyMathilde


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