Tynemouth, England

August 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

I am in the process of going through all my photographs from as far back as I can find. I lived in England for three years, and one of my favourite places to visit was the little coastal town of Tynemouth.
Tynemouth is a town on the coast in the North-East of England, aproximately half an hour from Newcastle Upon-Tyne, where I lived. The close proximity allowed me to take quite a few trips there, and I loved every minute of it.
I grew up by the ocean, so every chance to spend a day somewhere that smells so nicely of salty water was a major benefit.
But Tynemouth is also so much more. It is the home of the ruins of old Tynemouth Castle, the beautiful King Edward’s Bay, the Tynemouth Pier that stretches out behind the castle and the most incredible knick-knack store I have ever been in, the “Razzberry Bazaar“.
Being there always made me feel a little like I walked in to an Enid Blyton book, and I half expected to see the “famous five” (my favourite childhood books, by the way) running around down in the bay.

These photographs were taken on a trip in March, 2006:

If you ever get the chance to make a trip there, don’t hesitate. It’s classical England, typical coastal town/village. It’s beautiful and old and amazing ❤


x JennyMathilde


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