Roadtripping With the Siblings

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

The past weekend was mostly spent inside a car, together with one of my brothers and both my sisters.

Aina and Mette Susann

Einar Aage

We left Bømlo on Friday at 4PM and drove across the mountain.
Arrived in Horten (where my cousin and his family lives) around 1AM. Spent the night on living-room sofas, and got up at 8AM to continue on our way right across the border to Sweden.

Einar Aage fuels up on chocolate milkshake

on the way up the mountain

driving up mountains, driving through mountains

Mette Susann poses on the car

close to the top

Bought wine, cider and TONS of candy, before we continued on to Strømstad campinground where we pitched our tents. Took a swim in the ocean and ate pizza in downtown Strømstad. Slept on hard ground until 7.30 AM, before we headed on down to the ferry that took os over to Sandefjord.

Einar Aage loves early mornings

cracking jokes during the ferry ride

brother inside a tent/brother outside the tent

me and Aina enjoying downtown Stømstad

On a bench in Stømstad

Mette Susann, Einar Aage and Aina in Strømstad

From Sandefjord we drove back up the mountain and I arrived in Stavanger around 11PM.
Long weekend, but it was worth it. It was good to spend a couple of days on the road with my amazing siblings 😀

Mette Susann in front of Langfossen in Åkrafjord

Me in front of Langfossen in Åkrafjorden

x JennyMathilde


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