My First Meeting With Porpoises

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you have read my blog before, you will have noticed my passion for anti-whaling, and you might even know that one of my dreams for the future is to join a Sea Shepherd campaign.
I am willing to spend my time and energy and take big risks to save the most incredible creatures on Earth.
Even if I have NEVER seen a whale.
Until last weekend, that is. When for the first time in my life, I saw porpoises.
And, if anything, it made me even more sure of that dream of mine.

So, why whales ?
Why spend my time fighting for the whales when I could spend that time and energy on feeding starving children and build schools and collect clothes for those who need them ?

Its deeper than words.
There is just something in me that is lit on fire whenever I think of these amazing, graceful, beautiful, and completely defenceless creatures being brutally tortured and murdered.
Why on Earth would anyone willingly kill something so amazing ?
I just don’t know how to explain my feelings with words.
All people have different things that they are passionate about. This is mine. It always has been.
I love knowing that there are people out there fighting for these creatures. I am amazed with these people, and what they have accomplished.

It was only so many years ago that several species of whale were at the brink of extinction. Seeing these creatures slide through the water is such an incredible sight.
Why would anyone risk repeating the past, and risk the extinction of the most amazing species on Earth ?

“My First Meeting With Porpoises” in Photos:

x JennyMathilde

PS: I know that these are not best photos. They are taken at a slight distance and I only have a 18-55mm lens. I will invest in a zoom-lens at some point in the near future.
These will NOT be my last whale photos 🙂


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