It’s All About Cake

June 17, 2011 § 1 Comment
I have just finished up my lunch at the cafeteria, and have made my way back to my work desk. Something is sitting next to me on a paper plate. It has pink glaze sprinkled with coconut and chocolate. Yup, you guessed it…It’s cake.

Jealous ?
Don’t be.

It turns out, that here at my new workplace, it’s all about the cake.
Now, anyone can turn down this magic piece of bakery if they wish to do so.
If you have the will power.
I don’t have one of those…

Every Friday is cake day in the cafeteria. This means that in all likelyness, I will consume one piece of cake a week. This is not the worst that can happen. It can all be fixed by taking a five hour long walk or spend three hours in a pool doing laps.
Easy fix (…?)
However, the cake madness does not end with the regular friday cake.

Here at my new workplace, we are good at celebrating. And how does one celebrate in the travel business ?
I will assume that your intelligence level is above 0, so I won’t give the answer here at this time 😉

New businesses that decide to sign contracts with us, we eat cake (AND ice cream).

Birthdays (this is not a small travel agency. There are a lot of birthdays to celebrate), we eat cake (and sometimes ice cream, too).

Hotels and airlines stop by to make an impression so we will remember to book their services for our clients, we eat cake.

Hotels and airlines invite us to parties and events to make an impression so we will remember to book their services for our clients, we eat cake.

We have social gatherings organized by the travel agency to make us all happy workers, we have cake.

I have only been here for two and a half months, and I have lost count of number of cakes consumed already.

Good thing we have a small fitness centre is our office building. I think I might need it.

Anyway, if you like cake, concider the travel agency business 😉
As they say, “come to the dark side, we have cookies”.
My version, “come to the travel agency business, we have waaaaay to much cake”.


x JennyMathilde

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BLOG UPDATE: Literally, 20 minutes after this post was published, representatives from a well known hotel chain walked in here with ice cream for everyone….


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