Competition Tomorrow

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The start lists for tomorrow’s competition finally arrived Wednesday night, and I’m sorry for not sharing before. I was out and about in Stavanger with old colleagues from the hotel on wednesday, and yesterday was a “red” day on Norwegian calendars, so I slept in 😉

We start the competition by entering the floor 9 am, with all the other teams participating.
After that we have plenty of time to kill, to get hair and make-up ready and to watch a lot of routines while we wait for our turn.

                          Me (Jenny)                                  Elise

First out is mine and Elise’s duet, aprx. 13.30. Our music is “Gonna Get Over You” by Sara Bareilles. We’re wearing polkadot dresses. I’ll see if I can put a photo of the dress here later today. If not, you can come back on sunday for all the competition photos 🙂


The team routine will be ready for the floor aprx. 15.45, as the third last routine in the competition. We will be using the same routine as we did in February, but with a few minor adjustments and improvements. Music for that is from “Prince of Persia”.

         Photo from the competition in February, we won 2nd place 😀

This is my sister Mette Susann’s last competition. Most likely she will be moving in the fall to start her teaching career. I wish her luck, but I wish we was staying on with us 🙂 Anyway, she did me a big favour by agreeing to join us this past year. Thanks littlest sister, you’re AMAZING 😀

Wish us luck 😀

x JennyMathilde


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