Spring Sprung

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Spring has sprung and just like all previous years, I am running around mentally and physically to catch up and try to stay on top of everything.
New this spring though is a totally new job where I have basically started from scratch.
In this job people who have been doing it for years are still learning something new every day. Its exciting, but it takes dedication and hard work. I’m still learning those things 😉

Back in February, when competing at Dalane drilliaden with my favourite twirl girls (https://loveofcoffee.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/2nd-place-d/ and https://loveofcoffee.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/competition-photos/), we made the decition to compete again in June. Technically, we were planning to wait until october for the next one, but we were flying high on the competition buzz.
This too, is very exciting. If you told me a year ago that I would be competing in three competitions this year, I wouldn’t have believed it. The plan was to compete in october last year and potentially february this year. And then I didn’t really picture much else.

October last year didn’t happen. We were all busy trying to remember the basics and trying to get back in to twirl girl mode. But when February came, we were back in the game, and got us a nice little trophy to take home with us. The trophy was like fuel to a recently lit fire, and we are now in prep for June 4th, competition day again.
We still have the same twirl team routine, but have added a duet. Me and Elise are still working on it, and its not done yet. But come June 4th it will be done and rehearsed, and we will be dancing it out on the competition floor. Also, we are attending a workshop early in May, and the plan is to learn some amazing new rolls to add to the duet.

Our training times are spread out over the week, one hour here and one hour there. We must love what we do, because we are really working hard to make this twirl thing work out. Also, we are prepping the little twirl girls for May 17th (Norway Day), for the parade (folketoget)  in Stavanger. And some of the girls for a little weekend performance thing at the end of May.

Before it all gets to me though, I will be taking some days off to go home for Easter. Where the plan is to eat too much sugary stuff, watch movies with my sisters and read all those books I recently ordered off Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk). And after that, I’ll be ready. Fit for fight 😉

Its life. Its busy. Its spring.
Its wonderful ❤

Happy Easter!

x JennyMathilde


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