Week Update, 9: Competition Bliss, Sleepwalking and ‘Grandma Blue’

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week has been very long, and very short. A lot of absolute nothing has happened.
However, here comes a little update on my week. Maybe even I can remember this week of sleepwalking in awake state after this 😉

Competition Bliss:
I am still flying high on the 2nd place winner at the competition buzz. We beat our sisters, after we had come to terms with losing to them. That actually made beating them even better. We were humble all the way, and it paid off for us. Good girls ALWAYS win 😉
Me and Elise definately picked up some inspiration on competition day, cause we have already finished about one third of our duet. Hopefully we will compete with it this summer in Sandnes (Ganddal Drilliaden). So much for taking some time off from twirling…. 😉

I can hardly remember a single thing I did this week. Everything before competition day was fast-pace and the only thing on my mind was worry and excitement for the big day. This week though, my mind has been all porridge. But I was tired, have been for a while. Maybe I needed a week of absolutely nothing memorable 🙂

Grandma Blue:
My car, aka. grandma blue, is playing tricks on me. Expencive tricks. And I have no money 😦 But, I have decided that I will do what I can to have her fixed, as my life has been quite a lot easier after grandma blue drove in to my life. Grandma Blue was named after my grandma, Jenny, who previously owned the car.

Thats it. Nothing more.
Tonight I am making buns with whipped cream. This is a traditional thing here in Norway. Just like “shrove Tuesday/Pancacke Tuesday” in the UK, here in Norway we have “Fastelavensøndag” on the last sunday before lent.
Pictures to come 🙂

x JennyMathilde


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