On the Last Day (before competition day)

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow is competition day. I can not believe how fast life has been since we officially decided that we were to compete at Dalane Drilliaden 2011 (https://loveofcoffee.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/competition-nerves-pt-1/) .

I apologize for not keeping you updated on my competition nerves and such, but I have pretty much been to busy having the nerves to actually write about them. Also, I have a job and this week I have also been to the chiropractor three times. Trying to sort out my back for competition day. Its not a hundred percent, but it wont stop me tomorrow. I’ve worked too hard to let a little back pain get in my way tomorrow 😉

I have some preparations to do today, before the big day arrives. And I also have one last practice tonight with the other twirl girls.

I will do my best to share my day with you today, and if I can find me a good network on my phone tomorrow I will share what I can of competition day through my wordpress for android app 😉

First on the agenda today is costume fitting and a little breakfast.

Competition nerve update:
Quite calm at the moment, but extremely happy we have a practice tonight. I just need to make sure I still remember it all 😉 I have this problem when I get anxious, that makes me think that I don’t remember anything 😉 But I usually do, so I’m not worried yet. Just hoping practice will go okay.

Keep reading, and I’ll keep posting 😉

x JennyMathilde


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