Happy Birthday, Mia – 25 !!!

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

My friend Mia (also known as: soon to be president of the european union/queen of the world/princess of Finland, international supermodel and all things fabulous) turns 25 today 😀

I first met Mia in the Old Library computer room at Newcastle University. We where there to start planning our 2nd year of uni, as committee members of the Newcastle uni.International Society. I don’t remember much from the first meeting, except she smiled a lot, and also that I was the only committee member who din’t wear glasses (;-))

My 2nd year of uni. was definately my favourite one. We partied like we were freshers, but with much more decadence and sass than those silly little children 😉 We sang songs in the bathroom at Shearers Bar, watched unhealthy amounts of ANTM, ate a little too much pizza from Salt’n’Peppers and developed an excellent taste in cheap wine that we picked up at the Co-op.
Whenever I think how much I miss Newcastle, these are the things I have in mind. It was most certainly the best year of my life. And much of it, I owe to Mia.

Mia, you gorgeous queen of everything fabulous, I wish you a very happy birthday.
I hope you have a great day, and put those fab heels on to celebrate. I wish I could celebrate with you, but I honestly don’t know exactly where in the world you are at the moment 😉

Miss you.
x JennyMathilde


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