Sunday Greetings

February 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just a short post tonight since I haven’t done much blogging the past week.
This week has been a week of work and twirl practice. Competition day is now only five days away, and I finally feel ready. We cut the seminar short today because we all felt ready. No point in practicing so much that we start losing focus and start doubting when we don’t do everything a hundred percent right.
I am happy, I love doing our routine, we are very in sync doing it, we make a good team. I am nervous, like I knew I would be. But most of all I’m just excited.

Mette stayed with me this weekend, and my parents and Tobias where here thursday evening to yesterday morning. Dad fixed most of the stuff that needed fixing on my car. Now I just need to get the oil leak fixed, and then get the car in for its final check-up. A big thanks to my brilliant dad 😀

Me and Mette ate raspberry and blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream last night, as we watched the Troll Hunter (
I usually don’t like Norwegian movies, as I am completely and utterly americanized in my taste in movies. But the Troll Hunter was awesome. Its a must see, so its a great thing that it was picked up after its showing at Sundance 2011. Which means that it gets released on DVD worldwide 😀
Trailer with English subtitles here:

Right now I’m watching the Lord of the Rings (just finished “fellowship”, and just started “two towers”), and getting ready for bed. Work again in the morning.

Enjoy whats left of your sunday 🙂

x JennyMathilde


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