Coffee on Competition Day ?

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

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I have started contemplating on whether I should try to cut out coffee on the day of competition or not. I know some athletes find caffeine to be an extra little push in the energy department on competition day, but I am wondering how it will affect my nerves.
I usually drink between 4 and 7 cups of coffee a day on a regular basis. This is a habit I started when working nights only for a year. Coffee kept me going. In the past when I competed, I was still fairly young and had not yet started drinking coffee. And now that I am competing again I am wondering how this will affect me on competition day.

I get nervous. I hate the long waiting before getting out on the floor, my hands are shaky and sweaty and my mouth dries up. I get stuck in my own head, and at times I even feel dizzyness. I do not have the head of an athlete. I overthink everything. Usually when I get off the floor after a routine, I can’t remember much of what happened out there. I am a classic head case in a competition situation. Still, there is NOTHING in this world that tops going out there and nailing a routine. It makes the hard work and the over-sensitive nerves worth it.

I am wondering though, how will drinking coffee affect my nerves ? will it make it ten times worse ? or is coffee my own little way of finding serenity in a stressful setting ?
Any ideas ?
Competition is now less than two weeks away (!) I’m getting restless. I think we’re ready though. One final weekend seminar to work out the last few pieces of the puzzle, and to put on the last finishing touches. And the next weekend, we’ll rock that competition floor 😉

x JennyMathilde


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