No Practice Today :(

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

We are getting terrifyingly close to competition time (february 26th), and we need all the practice we can get. That is why we have aquired practice time at a school in Kvernevik every wednesday from 8 to 10 pm.

Showed up ten to eight today with Mette Susann to get going on practicing our collective tosses and such, but walked straight in on the evening guard getting ready to close the doors. Apparantly, no one knew we were coming, and no one was about to let us stay to practice. I got so insanely angry. I NEED to practice. At practice is the only time I can feel assured that this cometition is going to go fairly good.

I am a self-doubter, but every time I get to practice, I am always reminded that I am actually good enough to do this. I am good, but I need stability. I need to know that when I show up for practice, everything will be in order, and there wont be any problems.

This better not happen again. I am so close to giving up, but I keep fighting and fighting. I need to win soon. anything. as long as I win 😉

x JennyMathilde


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