No Japanese whaling this season ?

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I first heard about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society a little over a year ago.
I spent christmas with my family, but my phone with the Sea Shepherd news RSS feeds, was never far away. When I went back to work I checked the website every morning.

Since then I’ve been a major Sea Shepherd fan. The work that they do, it might seem a little crazy to some people, but its important work. And the Sea Shepherds are insanely efficient. But how efficient ? so efficient that there will be no whaling done by the Japanese in the Southern Ocean this year ?

The Japanese whaling fleet has NOT yet left Japan. And its now officially December. Have they given up whaling, knowing that the three Sea Shepherd ships are ready for another year of battle in the Southern Ocean ?

and the last piece of “news” from the icrwhale site was back in July. Though, it seems to me that the only “news” on that site is the Japanese Whalers either defending their “research”, blaming Sea Shepherd for everything that goes wrong, and genreally talking bad about the Sea Shepherds.

So, no Japanese whaling this season ?


x JennyMathilde


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