24th Birthday

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I turned 24 on friday (12th) 🙂 
I had that one day off work, and was expecting maybe one or two aunts to stop by, and nothing more. My family lives two hours away, and with one day off from work there was no reason to go home.
Right before ten there was a knock on my door, and walking into the hallway all I saw was a huge flag right outside. I opened the door, and there was my two aunts, AND my mom, my dad and two brothers.
All I remember thinking is “they’re not supposed to be here” 😀
Best birthday ever !!!

We had breakfast together, then cake and ice cream. and loads of coffee, off cause 😉

After that we went shopping, and my parents got me some new clothes, my brothers (also a gift from the sisters) got me a new stereo for my new car. one that plays form usb and sd cards too 😀

Birthday photography:

Birthday Outfit

Birthday girl loves surprises 😉

Candles and Cake

Got socks ? (nice and warm, AND they have peace signs on them 🙂

Got a vest for my brithday

Gingerbread hearts and one of my new IKEA shelves

The other IKEA shelf and a photo of my gorgeous little brother

Non Stop chocolates and birthday presents

Benedicte’s gift 😀

Ever been surprised for your birthday ?


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