I <3 Christmas

December 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Christmas this year has been great so far. It started out very stressful, but as soon as the calendar turned to 24, it all went away. We had (and still have) snow this christmas. real snow, in large quantities. Its been so pretty and white. My parents gave me a camera for christmas, so now I can take lovely pictures and post them on here so you can enjoy the beautiful snowwhite scenery too 🙂

My siblings got me both seasons of whale wars, and also a sea shepherd sweater 🙂 my mom wasn’t happy, but I sure was 😀 I’ve been keeping a close eye on the crew blog and the sea shepherd news ever since they left australia for their Waltzing Matilda campaign. Nothing major has happened yet, but I’m hoping that they’ll find the japanese whaling fleet very soon. It’s time to end whaling !!!!

Not much else to report at the moment. just enjoying christmas at home with the family. counting down days, 2010 is not far away now. 2010, it has a nice ring to it. Hoping it will be a goodyear for me. doesn’t take much to make it better than the one thats almost over. I’ve got serious plans, as its time for my life to truly begin 😀 I’ve wasted so much time since I left uni. time to get “back on track”, and make my life a great one.

Enjoy the rest of your christmas!!! ❤


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