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I just got back from a girly shopping trip to London this past sunday. Stayed there from nov.4 to nov.8 with my friend Ingunn.

We spent the first day running around crazy trying to find our favourite England stores. We didn’t find New Look until around 6 pm, and we were both exhaused at that time. Meaning, we went back to New Look the following morning, and spent at least a couple of hours there. My recent buys will be portrayed here in photos as soon as I get my camera to work and as soon as I can find the time to sit down and post them 🙂

On the thursday we met up with my friend Phillip, whom I “served with” when we were in the Newcastle Uni. Int.Soc committee together.  he is the first person I have seen from my Newcastle days since I left. It was really great seeing him again. It made me realize just how much I miss Newcastle and all the people I met there those three years. I’ll really try to make an effort now to keep in touch with all of them. That’s one thing facebook is good for 😉

Most of the long-weekend was all about the shopping, all though we did take a few hours out of thwe saturday to go aboard a tour bus to see the sights of London. I have personally been on two tour bus rides there before, but I really like it, and its a great way to see all the sights. Also, I wanted Ingunn to get to see all those things she’s only ever seen on tv before. It was nice to chill out a bit and take a shopping break.

Sunday was a rather stressfull day as Ryanair’s CRAZY rules had our hearts racing. the # 1 issue was our luggage as we were afraid we might have gone a little too crazy and exceeded the 15 kg weight limit. They had scales at the airport to wegih luggage so you didn’t have to go through the whole check in line and then emberassed go back out of the line to repack. turns out the stress was for nothing, and we both wished  that we had done even more shopping. Cause we had a few kilos to go on still.

# 2 is the new rule ryanain has come up with: your one piece of handluggage has strickt measurement demands, as well as weight demands. But now, you also have to fit EVERYYTHING into that one piece of hand luggage.  meaning I nearly had a panick attack after shopping at the tax free to then find out that I had to fit it all into my handluggage. Because they wont let you have anything else in your hands. no additional handbags, shopping bags etc.!!!! LAME rule. anywho, I guess the flight wasn’t full cause they let me through even though i had a bag of chocolate in my hand and my backpack was HUGE !!!

So, at the end of the trip i have 4 conclusions:


2. I ❤ New Look

3.Seeing Phillip again after all this time was AWESOME!!!!

3. I HATE Ryanair!


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