I <3 New Look (UK)

October 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

I lived in England for three years, where I went to university and got my BA degree. My favourite store there was definately New Look. Honestly though, I never truly appreciated it for all the AMAZING clothes they had “back then”. The first couple of years I was nto really into fashion, I’m very much a plain jane, jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I had no interest in even trying very hard. The last year in England I put on a lot of weight, and clothes shopping was my live-in nightmare. If I found a pair of jeans that fit, I’d buy them and get going.  I love that New look has a plus size line (and sometimes those clothes are even cooler, as they have seperate and unique items for the plus size line, but none of those clothes fit me. I was this weird in-between size, where nothing really fit.

Now though, I have lost some weight, and I am more fit than I think I’ve ever been. As my job has been a very anti-social thing for me, all I’ve been doing with my time is going to the gym. I still have loads of pounds to go, but I can’t help drooling over clothes these days. I am learnign what looks good on my body, and if I had the money I’d be shopping 24/7.

In two weeks, I head of gto LONDON for four days, and I am planning to go there with my suitcase empty, and go home with my suitcase full. New Look will be one of the main shop-stops for me and my best friend Ingunn.

Here are some reasons why I love New Look:

and as an extra pluss, they also sell SHOES and JEWELLERY and any other accessories you could imagine!!!!

I ❤


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